These are the actual CYBER ATTACKS on our election system broken down for us. Click the link below to see how it was done on election day 2020.   

2020 Election Fraud – Absolute Proof.

Keep the Faith:
The best days of our country are still ahead of us.
Specifically what happened: The election law was broken

1) Specific Democrat Counties did not follow the law and allow Ballot Canvassing Observers to see and confirm the chain of custody requirements on the Absentee Ballots during the entire canvassing process.

2) Election officials defied a court order to allow Ballot Canvassing Observers to see and confirm that the chain of custody requirements are being met.

3) In just a few days, lawyers have compiled thousands of specific illegal incidents that occurred all over the state.

4) Election officials defied a court order to separate the ballots that arrived after Tuesday. The ballots that arrived after election day (illegal votes) were then mixed in with the legal votes and now, because the envelopes too were not saved and separated, cannot be forensically separated.

5) Philadelphia County used the Dominion Voting Machines. The algorithms were thrown off due to the heavy vote for Trump. The vote counting was abruptly stopped during the election night (a sign of corruption and fraud) and adjustments were made. Apparently to corrupt the system and add votes for Biden!!!

Note: PBS actually did a cover story a couple of months ago about the Dominion machines in Georgia.

The extensive research of the story revealed evidence like:
* the poll patch that took 30 hours to download the voter database displayed the wrong races and would randomly shut down. They blew circuit breakers. Poll workers were not trained with hands on training, and were confused by the new machines.
* Election security experts uncovered several troubling issues. The QR codes: When analyzing the structure of the QR barcodes, it was determined that there is nothing that stops an attacker from duplicating a QR code to count the same as the original QR code.
* During testing election workers found that half the names of the candidates for State Senate, intermittently disappeared from the screens during the review phase. Dominion did a last minute software change that could cause more problems on election day.