State and County-wide candidates

We are very pleased to introduce our slate of endorsed PA State Judicial Candidates.

Please get to know our highly qualified candidates, each of whom has been carefully selected for his and her deep respect for the rule of law and separation of powers.

Our Berks County Republican Judicial Candidates please vote for two:

Our Berks County Row Officers
John Fielding
Jim Wilson
Ron Peters

Jack Gombach
Dennis Adams

John DelCollo

Berks County School Board Directors

Boyertown School District:
Region 1          Kirstin Lord
Region 2          Tony Panarello
Region 3          Jeff Zawada 

Conrad Weiser Area School District:
Region 1          Gary G Neider
Region 3          Frank Kaczmarcyk

Daniel Boone Area School District:
Region 1          Russ Jirik

Exeter Township School District:
Jason Mell 

Fleetwood Area School District:
Region 1          Adam Chernow
Region 2          Victoria B Solberg

Governor Mifflin School District:
Brecknock Township          Annette Baker
Cumru Township           Christina Worley
Cumru Township          Cody Tyler Youse
Cumru Township          Donald B Kennedy   

Oley Valley School District:
Alsace Township          Aaron Keller
Oley Township           Maria Bogdanova-Peifer
Ruscombmanor          Luke H Grove 

Schuylkill Valley School District:
Bern Township                   Paul Bendigo
Ontelaunee Township       Charles Richard Grebloski
Ontelaunee Township       Brian O’Donnell
Centre Township               Nicoleen M. Kleffel

Tulpehocken School District:
Bethel Township               Tabitha Good

Twin Valley School District:
Region 1                           Kyle Moyer
Region 2                           Tracy M. Phillips
Region 2                           Jay Oliver

Bethel Township Supervisor:
Robbie Lane
Jay Bicksler

Caernarvon Township Supervisor:
Jack L. Hess
Paul L. Whiteman Sr.

Cumru Township Commissioner:
Lisha L. Rowe

Exeter Township Supervisor:
David Hughes   WRITE IN

Maidencreek Township Supervisor:
Joe Farley

Robeson Township Supervisor:
Tim Bitler
Harold Steve

Spring Township Supervisor:
Mitchell R. Darcourt

Tilden Township Supervisor:
Tammy Deluca