State and County-wide candidates

We are very pleased to introduce our slate of endorsed PA State Judicial Candidates.

Please get to know our highly qualified candidates, each of whom has been carefully selected for his and her deep respect for the rule of law and separation of powers.

Our Berks County Republican Judicial Candidates please vote for two:

Vote “YES” to retain Judges
John T. Bender
Mary Jane Bowes
Anne Covey
Renee Cohn Jubelirer

Our Berks County Row Officers
John Fielding

Dennis Adams

Jonathan K. Del Collo

Berks County School Board Directors

James Glendening
A. Michael Roberts

Kirsten Lord – Region 1
Anthony Panarello – Region 2
Jeff Zawada – Region 3

Brandywine Heights
Brian Hohenshilt
Kenneth L. Heffner

Conrad Weiser
Gary C. Neider
Dennis Manbeck
Joshua Spears
Frank Kaczmarczyk

Daniel Boone
Russell Jirik


Victoria B. Soleberg
Kevin L. Manmiller

Governor Mifflin
Christina Worley
Annette C. Baker
Cody Tyler Youse

Tania S. Krick
Steve Gilbert
Ryan Gebely

Kutztown Area School District

Kutztown Borough
Steven A. Morris

Maxatawny, Lyons
Erin M. Engel

Albany, Greenwich, Lenhartsville (2 votes for 4-year term)
Jason Koch
Jeremiah Light (write-in)

Muhlenberg School District
Janet Howard
S. Wayne Hardy
Miguel Vasquez

Oley Valley
Aaron Keller
Maria Bogdanova-Peifer
Zachary Fatkin
Candice Corle (write-in)

Schuylkill Valley
Charles Grebloski (Write in)
Scott Rickert (Write-in)
Paul Bendigo
Nicoleen M. Kieffel

Twin Valley
Kyle Moyer – Region 1
Jay Oliver – Region 2
Tracy M. Phillips – Region 2

Carl Kaufmann
Harry L. Fox Jr. (write-in)
William T. Palmer Jr.
Matthew S. Hetrick

Upper Perkiomen
Keith McCarrick
Melanie Cunningham
Emily Psaris McCormick

Craig Stonaha (write-in)
Val Delp (write-in)
Mehgan Epler (write-in)

Mellissa G. Phillips
Terrie Taylor
Steven Pottieger 2 Year

Berks GOP Township Supervisor/City and Borough Council

Alsace Twp 6-Year
Terry Reazer

Amity Twp 6-year
Terry Jones

Bern Twp 6-year
Jeffrey A. Thompson
Irene Reed

Bethel Twp 6-year
Jay A. Bicksler

Bethel Twp 2-Year
Robbie L. Lane

Brecknock Twp 6-year
Parker U. Reinoehl

Caernarvon Twp 6-year
Paul L. Whiteman Sr
Keith Fritz

Cumru Twp Commissioner 4-year
Lisha L. Rowe

Centre Twp 6-Year
Timothy J. Lehner

Centerport Borough Council 4-Year
Donna J. Kijak

Centre Twp 6-Year
Timothy J. Lehner

District Twp 6-year
Robert Palko

Earl Twp 6-year
Michael R. Marburger

Exeter Twp 6-year
David H. Hughes

Exeter Twp 4-year
Erika Lynn Lebo (Write-In)
Andrea Battler (Write-In)

Exeter Twp 2-year
Dianna Reeser

Greenwich Twp 6-year
Victor M. Berger

Hamburg Borough Council 4-Year
Michael D. Adams

Hereford Twp 6-year
Karla Dexter

Heidelberg Twp 6-year
David Randler
Lori A. Brown

Lower Heidelberg Twp 6-year
Paul J. Prutzman

North Heidelberg Twp 6-year
Robert C. Klinger

South Heidelberg Twp 6-year
Tom Byrne

Jefferson Twp 6-year
Joel Hetrick

Laureldale Borough Council 4-Year
Andrea J. Harris

Leesport Borough Council 4-Year
David J. Reimer Sr.
James M. Moquin

Longswamp Twp 6-year
Mark A. Hilbert

Lower Alsace Twp 6-Year
Todd M. Weikel

Maxatawny Twp 6-year
Alan L. Leiby

Marion Twp 6-year
Jim Brooks

Mount Penn Borough Council 4-Year
Troy Goodman
Roger Lourin Stief Jr.

Maidencreek 6-Year
Joe Farley

Oley Twp 6-year
Jeffrey A. Spatz

Ontelaunee Twp 6-Year
Joshua D. Steingraber

Pike 6-year
Steffan R. Helbig

Penn Twp 6-year
Sarah Mathias

Perry Twp 6-Year
Joseph Wertz Jr.

Reading City Council District 1
Louis R. Perugini

Robeson 6-Year
Jeffrey A. Rhoads
Timothy B. Bitler

Shoemakersville Council 2-Year
Michael George Grim

Ruscombmanor Twp 6 Year
Brian L. Hart

Shoemakersville Council 2-Year
Michael George Grim

Spring Twp 6 Year
Mitchell R. Darcourt
Michael S. Wertz

Tilden Twp 6-Year
Gene S. Schappell

Tulpehocken Twp 6-Year
Harry J. Reinhold

Union Twp 6-Year
Nelson Ott Jr.

Upper Bern Twp 6-year
Arthur R. Lambert

Upper Tulpehocken Twp 6-Year
Rob Deisemann

Washington Twp 6-Year
Romnie S. Long

Windsor Twp 6-Year
Craig A. Long

Berks GOP Mayor

Lorraine K. Carnes

William E. Lillington

Berks GOP Constable

Marty Straka

Hamburg Boro 6-year
George Holmes

Maidencreek Twp 6-year
Thomas Borrelli

Muhlenberg Twp 6-year
Aaron J. Gardecki

Windsor Twp 6-year
Michael K. Garman