State/Berks County-Wide Candidates

Heather Heidelbaugh
Attorney General
* Dedicated to keeping our communities safe
* 35 years of litigation experience protecting our civil rights.

Timothy DeFoor
Auditor General
* Former investigator for the Attorney General.
* Certified Auditor 5 years and award winning Comptroller.

Stacy Garrity
* Decorated Gulf War Hero
* Trailblazing business leader committed to 100% transparency for state spending.

US PA 4th Kathy Barnette

US PA 6th John Emmons

Dan Meuser

PA House 5th
Barry Jozwiak

PA House 124th
Jerry Knowles

PA House 126th
Jim Oswald

PA House 127th
Vince Gagliardo

PA House 128th
Mark Gillen

PA House 129th
Jim Cox

PA House 130th
David M. Maloney

PA House 134th
Ryan Mackenzie

PA House 187th
Gary Day

PA Senate 29th
Dave Argall

PA Senate 11th
Annette Baker