State/Berks County-Wide Candidates

Megan McCarthy King for Superior Court Judge

Prosecutor Megan McCarthy King began her career protecting the most vulnerable as an Assistant District Attorney in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office where she supervised a child abuse unit—an office where the worst of the human condition was met with tough justice for offenders and hope for victims. Megan later led a county-wide initiative to combat elder abuse, including financial exploitation schemes.

As Deputy District Attorney in Chester County, Megan has served as a Supervisor and Deputy District Attorney of the Child Abuse and Elder Abuse units. She has successfully prosecuted homicides, sexual and physical assaults, and taken on increasingly complex schemes to defraud seniors. In recognition of Megan’s accomplishments, she was the only Pennsylvania prosecutor to receive the 2018 Blue Ribbon Champion for Safe Kids Award from the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, the state leader in child protection. She also has experience in clerking for a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice.

Christylee Peck for Superior Court Judge

Judge Christylee Peck was first elected to the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas in 2011. Whether it’s sitting on bench trials for criminal cases to overseeing civil suits, protection from abuse petitions, dependency petitions and Orphan’s court matters such as guardianships and wonderful adoptions, Judge Peck knows what it is like to work with all stakeholders in the system to find justice and fairness.

Prior to being elected as a judge, Judge Peck prosecuted the worst of society in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office as part of the child abuse unit. She then moved to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office where she prosecuted violent criminal offenders who committed homicides, rapes, robberies, and crimes against children.

Christian Leinbach and Michael Rivera For Berks County Commissioners.

We are running as a team for Berks County Commissioner because we sincerely believe we can make Berks County and Reading even better. Successful county government begins with responsible fiscal management. If our financial house is in order then we can tackle other issues critical to our future. Berks County fiscal house is the best it has ever been.

We both come from very diverse backgrounds and that helps provide much broader experience and understanding of the diversity of the people we serve and the challenges we face.

We both believe that the United States still offers the best opportunity for those willing to work hard and play by the rules. Most importantly we believe in the people of Berks County. It’s the people that make up the community. It’s the people that provide the ingenuity to start and run small businesses that drive the most meaningful economic development in our nation and our county. We believe in you…the people of Berks County and …Together we can make Berks and Reading even better!

Eric Weaknecht for Sheriff

In July, 2012, Eric was elected by Pennsylvania Sheriffs as Treasure of the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association. The Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association works to crate and establish objectives to ensure on-going training for deputies and draft language to support legislation that clarifies the authority of the office of Sheriff.

Sheriff Eric Weaknecht is a member of:
*Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriffs’ Education and Training Board
* Berks County Chiefs of Police Association
*Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.
* International Association of Chiefs of Police
*Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association, Secretary Treasurer
*Berks County Emergency Response Team (BCERT) Board of Chiefs
* Berks County Criminal Justice Policy Group
*Berks County Prison Board *National Sheriffs Association
*Pennsylvania State Police Camp Cadet
* Berks Encore Senior Expo Committee, co-chair
*The National Rifle Association (life member)
* Alvemia University Criminal Justice Advisory Board
* Crime Alert Berks County Advisory Committee

Sheriff Weaknecht has an extremely positive relationship with the board of commissioners and the District Attorney’s Office. The Berks County Sheriffs Office has been a member of the US Marshals Fugitive Taskforce for over 15 years and is responsible for the service of ALL criminal arrest warrants for every municipal police department in the County of Berks.

Larry Medaglia for Register of Wills

Larry Medaglia was elected to the post of Berks County Register of Wills in November of 1995, and took office in January, 1996. He is currently serving his third four year term. As Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court, Larry has a staff of 10 full-time deputies, and a part-time solicitor.

The primary responsibilities of the office include the probate of estates, the collection of inheritance taxes as an agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the maintenance of all records of probate proceedings including the docket for Orphans’ Court, and the application for, and granting of, marriage licenses. As a result of what is done in this office, and the nature of the records held here, we are a resource for genealogists.

Mary Kozak for Recorder of Deeds

Mary is a lifetime Berks County resident. Mary is a business owner and served as Judge of Elections for over 20 years. Mary is running for the office of Recorder of Deeds to restore a perceived loss of passion for the office of Recorder of Deeds. Mary’s moral center and ethos provides the necessary insight to productive changes within the Recorder of Deeds Office to instill the process changes and procedural support needed.

Jim Troutman for Clerk of Courts

Jim’s mission is to continue to provide the highest standard of service to the court system and public regarding administration of misdemeanor, felony and criminal matters according to court order and state law. The Clerk of Courts prepares and maintains the records for the Criminal Division of the Court of Common Pleas. The Clerk signs and affixes the Seal of the Courts to all writs and processes, administers oaths and affirmations, and assumes custody of the seal and records of the Court. The Clerk certifies and distributes orders of the Court. The Clerk also certifies and prepares bills of costs for the defendants and utilizes the computerized financial management system to disburse fines, costs and restitution.

Mayor of Reading

Lou Perugini

West Reading Borough Council

Jack Gombach

Reading City Council

Joseph Nunez
District 6

Municipal Elections

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School Board Directors

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