Impeachment-Democrat Campaign Strategy-Deep State Coup attempt

Impeachment: We had this sham fail at the start. The Democrats are backing a horse with a heart condition here.
To understand what is going in in this we have to look at how and why this got started and why unlike the prior two impeachment inquiries, it was moved from the Judicial Committee to the Intelligence Committee. They wanted to control witnesses and testimony. They wanted to vet testimony to line up with a narrative. So out of the light it went to behind closed door meetings. Again, They did this so they could vet the witnesses and their messaging. They could then extrapolate certain things and leak them to the public to sway public opinion.
Then, with the vetted star witnesses and aligned testimony they then went to public hearings in the Intelligence Committee. Remember, they controlled all the witnesses, testimony and yes even the questions the Republicans could ask. They had full control of all witnesses and testimony.
Now after their face plant with the inquiry so far, they are sending this to Jerry Nadler in the Judiciary Committee to attempt to rescue this by educating the public. The only Democrat leadership more incompetent than Adam Schiff is Jerry Nadler. Nadler set a deadline to offer Trump to have a say in the hearings. This will not be a re-litigation of what happened so far, which is why they invited the President and his attorneys here. They are going to attempt a sort of lesson in civics here for the American Public. They want to ensure the public that what they are looking to impeach Trump on although it doesn’t pass the smell test Judicially, it certainly is legal as per the process. You see folks, the accused has no legal rights here. The 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments for anyone accused of a crime do not apply as this isn’t a trial to ascertain guilt to a crime. This is a political process where Congress determines what is action is impeachable and what evidence is needed to prove guilt of an impeachable action. Yes, they are attempting to sell the public on the process. The message the Democrats want to sell the public is that Impeachment is a political process, not a legal process. You see, in a political process, Congress decides what is an impeachable crime and what evidence can be accepted to prove what they are calling a crime. 
So I guess we are not to hold Congress to the same Judicial standards of innocent until proven guilty, and fact witnesses providing evidence to work back from an actual crime to determine guilt or innocence.
The continuation in the Judiciary Committee, is is sort of a rescue mission of the failed sham and face plant for the Democrats, and will result in nothing more than another nail in the Democrats coffin next year. Remember the vote for the Impeachment inquiry was bi-partisan against impeachment and will likely go down in the house as a hyper partisan vote to impeach with a vote of 223-212 or something. If they allow this to go to a vote. It then will go to the full senate for a two month unpacking of the truth. This will even further drive down the Democrat chances.