How did we get here?

Civics hasn’t been taught effectively in this country in a long time. We have a crisis in this country that the upcoming generation doesn’t understand the American Idea.

Too many Americans believe that Americanism/Capitalism is evil and Socialism is good! Our young people need to know that Americanism is freedom-Socialism is tyranny!

A Harvard Institute of Politics polls shows that 33% of 18-29 adults support full scale Socialism. Just 42% support Americanism/Capitalism. This was patently proven with 13 million people voting for a Socialist in the last election.

These young people have been taught in school that Socialism is moral and fair. The lessons in many European History curriculum Books teaches that Socialism is moral and fair; these lessons focus on the evils of Americanism/Capitalism.

Folks, our history books need to be teaching history. Not revisionist history but real history. We need to teach our young people the real horrors of Socialism and Communism.

Wealth and the capacity to gain wealth are largely contingent on the decisions we make and the academic excellence in our schools. Wealth doesn’t just fall upon us. Most people don’t inherited. It is created by people who engage in economic activity and commerce. The hardships faced in day to day life in the marketplace and almost brutal strength needed to survive n such a competitive atmosphere. It takes courage and boldness to survive. With Americanism you engage in economic activity, freely exchanging with people who do not owe you anything. You instead have to make something or do something that someone else wants. If there is no demand for your product or service, you will go out of business. The principles of personal empowerment, innovation and incentive are inherently born in Americanism.

Socialism is itself evil tyranny. It inherently oppresses people. With Socialism you do not own your own time, you do not own the fruits of your labor, you do not own your work, your labor and efforts are instead owed to society. It puts Government before God. It makes jealousy an accepted reality. It uses collectivism to divide people and make them envious of what others have and cultivates disdain toward people. It talks about tearing down the people who succeed, not about empowering the people who are falling short of personal success.

The discussion of income inequality does nothing for lifting the personal success of people, we need to talking about ways for people to make better decisions, to seek solutions through innovation and incentive. To promote their own individual and personal growth to enable them to succeed in a changing world.