Republican Enthusiasm

America is winning:

The economy is growing at 4.1%. Tax reform worked. The Obama acolytes all said this would never happen. It happened!

* The EU announcement. to go to a zero tariff environment with our biggest trading partner in the world. This means massive waves of economic surging at record numbers.

* The Chinese are now running scared right now. With this deal with the EU being cut, this will force the Chinese to the table to deal. If we can go to zero tariffs with them and save our intellectual property, this would be huge for our economy. This will be one of the most consequential first terms of any President in American History.

* The old rules of not fighting the media because you don’t fight with those who buy ink in barrels is now changed. This President is using Social Media to by-pass the media’s half baked stories.

Tweeting doesn’t need ink. He by-passes these overly edited, slanted stories.
These media hacks are not even trying to get the story right. They are so over the top now that they aren’t even trying to hide their Socialist pathology message as they did in years past. This unmasked intent is causing Democrats to run from their own candidates.

This note however, compelled me to put together some facts.

Some facts, not from FOX News but from the Bureau of Economic Analysis: Under Obama quarterly GDP growth reached 3% only 8 times in 32 quarters. When based on the annual GDP growth figures between 2009 and 2016, on quarter to the same in the previous year, which is another way to look at the data.

2009 4th Quarter 3.9%
2010 2nd Quarter 3.9%
2011 4th Quarter 4.6%
2013 4th Quarter 4.0%
2014 2nd Quarter 4.6%
2014 3rd Quarter 5.2%
2016 1st Quarter 3.0%
2017 2nd Quarter 3.0%

Obama”s Administration was the first Administration that never had an entire year of 3% growth. Which is what I am talking about. Obama’s recovery was the weakest in modern history.

According the the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the percentage change of GDP growth during the third and fourth quarters of the last year of Obama’s final term was 3.5% and 1.9%, respectively, resulting in an average growth rate of 1.5% for 2016.

The GDP grew 2.9% in 2015 which marked the best year average during the Obama years. The Obama Acolytes called this the “New Normal”.

Annual GPD Growth was:
2009 -2.9%
2010 2.5%
2011 1.6%
2012 2.2%
2013 1.7%
2014 2.6%
2015 2.9%
2016 1.5%

Under Trump we have had unprecedented growth in our GDP. We have had 3 quarters in a row with over 3% growth. This has not happened since 2005. With the 4th quarter projections, we are looking at the first year in over a decade, annual GDP growth of over 3%. Each 1% represents hundreds of Billions of dollars.

Our 401Ks are doing great!

We are in the longest positive jobs growth streak in measurable history.

African American, Asian, and Hispanic unemployment is at the lowest level in history. Lowest rate of women unemployment in 65 years.

The economy is just getting started. How high is up!

My sincere thanks for all your efforts to increase our Republican Candidates margins of victory this November. For all you do every day to help Republicans win!