Vote Republican!

Enthusiasm on the rise! #REDWAVE

2019 Election: The Berks GOP totally outmaneuvered the Berks Democrats with a near complete sweeping of all races in Berks County!

We swept all County Wide seats and took out a 3 term incumbent for Recorder of Deeds. This was a demonstration in an effective, efficient committee can do! We also nearly swept all the Twp Supervisor races taking 14 of 18 races. Republicans won everywhere!

Issue question for the Berks GOP Chairman….
Is Carbon Dioxide killing our planet with climate change?

Answer: NO!

First let me say the carbon dioxide is not carbon. To call CO2 “Carbon pollution” is not only bad chemistry and toxicology, it’s bad biology. Carbon Dioxide is essential for plant life. Plants grow better, resist diseases and pests better and improve the ratio of fiber in our fruit.

Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, stated he wants a European style socialism. Let’s ask the Europeans how they like living in 3-4 room apartments and the freedom of going where ever they want, when they want: Just as long as it is within the bus or train schedule.

Let’s look at the “Climate Change” claim. Karl Marx couldn’t have come up with a better plan to suppress America! It helps the Marxist’s goal of hurting our country. America hater Karl Marx would be proud of Tom Perez and the Democrats.


1) The Democrat plan to tax carbon producers will raise the cost of energy. Energy is the lifeblood of the economy. A Carbon Tax will increase the cost of doing business thus drive up prices. It will suffocate a thriving economy and reduce the standard of living. It will increase the misery index!

2) The purpose of the Carbon Tax is to drive up the cost of energy. To make existing infra-structure more expensive. The Marxists goal is to change the way we live and work. This will do it.

3) The Marxists goal of spreading more misery is then realized with exploding prices. The cost of everything will go up.

4) The Marxist goal of hurting America and Americans can then be realized when our workforce loses its competitive edge around the world.

So my advice to the Democrats is to bring on the discussion for implementing a jobs killing, economy suppressing Carbon Tax! Republicans are ready with answers and facts!